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Domain Registration and Micro Hosting

, by scott

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Today we're excited to announce our new domain registration platform and micro hosting packages to compliment our existing hosting services. You can now register your own domain names in just a few minutes directly through our website. We offer a huge range of Top Level Domains (TLDs) from .com to .org and loads of the newer gTLDs like .bar, .club, .expert, .cool and many more - all competitively priced. Run a clothing and jewelry outlet? How about registering a .boutique? Professional photographer? Register a .photos or .photography domain today. Start searching here:

We will be running special offers on TLD registrations from time to time so keep an eye out.

The new micro hosting packages are great for small websites without too much demand for resources and those on tighter budgets. 3 different versions are available to cater to those with higher email needs, more storage requirements or expect more traffic. Not sure which you need? Just ask or take a look:

We are continuing to expand our internet service offerings and will be announcing the integration of affordable SSL Certificate orders into our site later in the year. Google have said they will soon start giving search rank priority to secure sites so if you don't have one yet, get in touch and we'll set it up - for a lot less than you might think!